Name Kitchens, doors, floors & more! Martinsburg, WV 12/1/22
Auctioneer Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 11/22/2022 - 12/1/2022
Auction will START to close at 12:00 noon, Thursday, December 1, 2022 Due to the number of lots, it will take at least 3-3.5 hours to close.
Preview Date/Time Wednesday, November 30, 2022 12:00 noon - 8:00 pm & Thursday, December 1, 2022 8:00 am - 12:00 noon
Checkout Date/Time 2 days only! Friday, December 2, 2022 12:00 noon - 8:00 pm and Saturday, December 3, 2022 8:00 am - 12:00 noon. These are the only 2 days! Items not picked up are subject to a $100 per day fee. If you can not make these days/times, we respectfully ask that you do not bid.
Location Paranzino Auction Facility (The Rustoleum Building) 891 AutoParts Place
Martinsburg, WV 25403
Buyer Premium 10% Buyer Premium
This is a public auction with online bidding only. We DO NOT offer shipping! We will not load any LTL's -Due to recent attempts to register by fraudulent bidders, it is now necessary for us to approve any and all new bidders. We recommend you register early on to avoid a delay in the bidding process. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience but due to the people committing the fraud, it is necessary. -All sales are final! -Everything is sold "as is" -There are NO BID RETRACTIONS so bid accordingly. -There are also no refunds for bidding on items you decide you don't want or can't pick up. -All items are pictured and described to the best of our ability, however, there is no warranty or guarantee implied or expressed on items. -We highly suggest that you take full advantage of the preview days and times. -Come look things over and judge for yourself. This is especially true for the store return items and the Andersen windows. There are so many different variables when it comes to windows. -We try our best, but it's always best to check for yourself. We reserve the right to ammend, remove or correct any and all items and will correct all clerical errors as we find them. -Make sure to read over the pick up times schedule. There are scheduled pick up days/times. If you do not pick up your items on those days, you will be charged $100 per day, until you pick them up or reach 30 days. After 30 days, the item is deemed abandoned and will be sold at a future auction with the proceeds going to charity. You will NOT be reimbursed for items not picked up. IF it is necessary to schedule a different day, please note that it will be on our schedule/availability. -Make certain you understand the pick up times and dates and are able to abide by them. -There will be NO EXCEPTIONS! -You MUST have a Credit Card on file that will accept the payment for your purchases. If your credit card declines, you will be required to present a card as well as your drivers license at pick up. We will not accept payment over the phone. -We also need a valid email address to email you a copy of your receipt. -Please add to your contact list to avoid your receipt from going into your spam folder. Make sure you have read our terms and conditions, Pick up location and Pick up schedule. All items are subject to a 10% buyer premium as well as local sales tax.
Auction Terms & Conditions All buyers must be age 18 or older to register and receive a bid number. You will be required to enter a valid credit card at time of registration. Due to recent multiple attempts of bidder fraud, it is necessary for us to approve all new bidders. Your card will be charged $1.00 to check the validity. (The $1 will be returned to you after verification) Make sure to contact your credit card company as ALL cards have daily spending limits, regardless of balance or credit limit. These limits can be raised upon request. After the auction closes, the same credit card will be charged for your purchases. You CAN NOT change the card being charged once you have registered. If you have successfully won a bid, you will receive via your e-mail provided a paid receipt once your card has been charged. This will only happen after the entire auction has finished. If your payment declines, you will need to bring a card along with your drivers license during pickup to pay for your purchases. We will NOT accept payment over the phone. You will only be charged once regardless of how many items you purchase. You must have a paid receipt in order to pick up your items. You can print it and bring it with you, or you will be able to obtain a paper copy at the office. No item(s) shall be removed until payment has been received. All items must be paid for immediately after the auction closes. Non payment will result in you being banned from participating in our auctions. We reserve the right to ban anyone from our auctions. Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers, Inc. uses Hi-Bid as our bidding platform. All bidders receive a bidding score from them. We reserve the right to reject bidders who have low bidding scores from other auctioneers using the Hi-Bid platform. Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers or it's Sellers cannot, and will not be held responsible for any interruption in service, errors, and/or omissions caused by any means, and does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or error free service or use of the site. Bidder acknowledges that this auction is conducted electronically and relies on hardware and software that may malfunction without warning. Paranino Brothers Auctioneers, at its sole discretion, may void any sale, temporarily suspend bidding or reschedule the closing date of the auction and resell any items/lots that were affected by any malfunction. The decision of Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers is Final. Please note that when you register to bid, place bids and then do not pay your invoice, we reserve the right to turn you over to our Atty for collection. Items that don't get paid for don't majically return to our facility. We have to hire trucks to remove said items. Unpaid items will incur costs to the buyer to cover any packing, shipping or return charges to our facility These costs are typically 10% to 20% of the bid price which we will pass on to the non-paying buyer for collection through legal means. Occasionally, the quantity of a selling item will not match the description. Example: Item description says Faucet by the piece x 2 (meaning you have to buy 2 at your bid price each), but the quantity is only 1. That is a typo. The quantity should be 2 and if and when that happens (we're human, subject to making mistakes) we will refer to the item description and you will have to be charged for the additonal items. We try hard for that not to happen, but it does occasionally and we apologize in advance. If we catch it mid auction, we will change it when we find it. We reserve the right to ammend, remove or correct any and all items and will correct all clerical errors as we find them. We have zero control over the internet, and suggest you make sure you have a good connection and refresh your page often. We highly recommend that you get registered, bid early and often if you really want something. We highly recommend that you get registered early on and don't wait untill the last minute when the sale is closing. All new bidders will need to be approved. Please understand the auction items close every five seconds. That means 720 items per hour. If you get caught up in the bidding on a single item that is extending for two minutes, you could miss the next 20 or 30 items as they keep closing every 5 seconds. We DO NOT offer shipping. We have set pick up days and times. Please be sure you can make those days/times. Any items left 30 days past the scheduled pick up shall be forfeited. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED. If you do not pick up your item(s) on posted Pick up days/times you will be subject to a fee of $100.00 per day. ( We are not a storage facility) After 30 days, your item is considered abandoned (you will not be refunded) and sold at a future auction. Please bring help and any necessary equipment for loading. We do have fork lift service available for larger items on pallets as a curtesy to our customers. Forklifts are intended to lift only items on pallets. As the Buyer, you take 100% full responsibilty for any damage to your product or property by having your items loaded with a forklift. We will not discount or refund any customer for any merchandise or property damage incurred by the forklift or it's driver. Get in line and be patient. Forklifts are available on a first come first serve basis. There is no charge for the forklift service, however, tipping is allowed if you are happy with your driver. All items sold are without warranty or guarantee unless stated in the item description. No guarantee or warranty is expressed or implied as to correctness, description, authenticity, genuineness or condition. We always have preview days available for you to come walk around and inspect product. We try our best to correctly describe items. Descriptions are believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. We suggest you take advantage of preview days. All items are sold "AS IS" . Please inspect the item(s) BEFORE you load, or BEFORE you move it from our facility for any damage that was not described. We do not refund for any damage found on the item after it leaves our facility or the space it is sitting in. If an item specifically says "AS IS" in the description, there will be no refund for any damage not described. Paranzino Brothers Auctioneers, Inc. uses the "soft close" method. In the event that a bid is placed on an item in the final 2 minutes of that item closing, the auction platform will extend the bidding on that item for an additional 2 minutes. This will continue until all bidding on the item has ceased. The items following will still continue to close in consecutive order every 5 seconds. Please make sure the item you are bidding on is the actual item you want. There are NO bid retractions. We've heard just about every excuse there is. Please don't waste your time or ours asking to have your bid retracted. PB Auctions is not in the business of auctioning returned store items. Return Store items auctions have become very popular and are known for selling broken and damaged merchandise. Our consignors typically send all new or reconditioned excess inventory to be sold at our online auctions. However, occasionally, a returned item does make it into the auction. When we find it, we will point it out to the best of our ability. We believe returned merchandise from the big box stores should be thrown away at those stores, but unfortunately that merchandise occasionally does show up at our doorstep and it sells accordingly. Paranzino Brothers Aucitoneers does not own the products we sell, therefore we do not restrict its employees or officers from taking part in any auction in states where permissible. 10% buyer premium plus local sales tax will be applied. By registering as a bidder for our auction, you aknowledge that you have read the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

Seller User Terms

Bidder User Terms
Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
Bid Amount Bid Increment
0.00 - 1.99 0.05 USD
2.00 - 4.99 0.10 USD
5.00 - 6.99 0.25 USD
7.00 - 9.99 0.50 USD
10.00 - 49.99 1.00 USD
50.00 - 99.99 2.50 USD
100.00 - 249.99 5.00 USD
250.00 - 999.99 25.00 USD
1,000.00 - 4,999.99 50.00 USD
5,000.00 - 999,999.99 100.00 USD
1,000,000.00 - 9,999,999.99 10,000.00 USD
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 10% Buyer Premium
Payment Terms
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover. Your credit card will be charged once the sale has completely closed. This sale will take approximately 3.5 - 4 hours to close, plus soft close items. Please be patient. Your receipt will be emailed to you once we close the sale. You will need a copy of your receipt to pick up your items. We can provide that for you the day(s) of pickup. **Note** Please know that ALL debit and credit cards have daily purchasing limits REGARDLESS OF YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE. If your final total for the auction is higher than your Daily Limit then your card company will decline the purchase. If you do not know your limit, or need your limit increased, we suggest you contact your bank prior to the close of the auction. 10% buyer premium plus local sales tax of 6% will be applied.
WE DO NOT SHIP! WE DO NOT SHIP! WE DO NOT SHIP! WE DO NOT SHIP! WE DO NOT SHIP! PARANZINO AUCTION FACILITY (The Rustoleum Building) 891 AutoParts Place Martinsburg, West Virginia, 25403 Pick up! 2 DAYS ONLY! Friday, December 2, 2022 12:00 noon - 8:00 pm Saturday, December 3,2022 8:00 am - 12:00 noon Items that have not been picked up during these days/times are subject to a $100.00 per day charge. You will have 30 days to pick up your items with extremely limited options for pick up. After 30 days, they are deemed abandoned and will be re-sold at a future auction. You will NOT be refunded for items not picked up.